Transforming to virtual inside a week

Olivia Powell | CMW

Event management agency MCI China recently entirely redesigned, coordinated and delivered an offline product launch event into a combination of live and virtual attendee experiences within a week of the event date. MCI China was the mandated agency for the management and design of a global product launch event for a Chinese multinational technology company and faced a situation whereby certain elements of the event were not able to take place as planned, due to governmental regulations and health restrictions pertaining to coronavirus. The challenge, which jeopardised the participation of key stakeholders, was accepted with just one week to go before the event date. After collaborating with the client to identify the best alternative and handling cancellation regulations, the MCI China team decided to transform the event into a hybrid one. The agency re-evaluated the necessary elements, taking into account user experience, design, strategic purpose and technology. It was important that the online user experience had the same essential elements as the offline original event design. MCI China developed an offline environment and demo area in which media and channel partner guests were present and participating in the keynote and other live speakers’ presentations while they were being broadcast and...

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