Call to action: #Eventprofs urged to join email campaign

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Event professionals from all across the UK are being urged to join in a mass email send on Tuesday 17 November. In an attempt to put more pressure on the Government to allow events to run safely under its own Covid-secure guidance once the national lockdown comes to an end, the entire UK events industry is asked to send the below template to several news programmes between 6am and 7am, 17 November. The UK Government recently announced the extension of the furlough and SEISS schemes, as well as issuing guidance to Local Authorities to come up with their own grant schemes, with specific mention to support events businesses. But this may not be enough to keep the industry alive. Events require months of advance planning, and the current landscape makes this an almost impossible task. A template has been provided below, but everyone participating should also include a short note about their own personal story about how they have been impacted by Covid-19 since the events industry ground to a halt in March. Having the media on the industry’s side is vital in pressuring the Government into letting us get back to work. Whether you work in the provision or...

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