IBTM’s TechWatch winner

Stuart Wood | CMW

IBTM World Virtual crowned the winner of its TechWatch programme, which sees a series of event tech startups pitching to a panel of judges. The finalists were narrowed down to five, with Clipr being picked as the eventual winner. Clipr uses machine learning to analyse lengthy videos of recorded event content, breaking it down into more easily consumable chunks. It also creates ‘meeting recaps’ to allow delegates without lots of time to catch up quickly. Clipr beat out four others to the top spot: ConsensIQ, Pubshere Exhibits, Socio and Troop. ConsensIQ is a tool for live polling inside virtual or live events. It allows presenters and hosts to create realtime polls, with delegates given 100 ‘points’ to assign to each answer. The company’s pitch was centred on “harnessing the wisdom of the crowd” to make decisions and gather data. Pubshere Exhibits, meanwhile, is a Canadian company which has created a proximity alarm called ‘EGID’ designed to assist social distancing at tradeshows. If someone gets within two metres of an EGID unit – which is worn pinned to a shirt or top – it lightly beeps and turns red. The sensor also contains a temperature reader which can detect high temperatures...

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