Virtual event KPIs to measure the success of online conferences

Stuart Wood | CMW

By Tanya Pinchuk, managing director of ExpoPlatform With virtual shows opening doors to anyone with an internet connection, event KPIs have evolved from mere registration and attendance statistics to the real demonstrable value organisers can provide. The success of virtual conferences depends on aligning the event’s goals with the business goals of participating speakers, sponsors and attendees. Identifying the key performance indicators (KPIs) for event coordinators and organisers is a must to ensure real-time tracking of these goals and assessing the return on investment. Here are some crucial metrics for organisers to measure their virtual conference’s success: KPIs for audience engagement Engagement has become a vital measurement in the virtual environment. A poorly structured conference with fatiguing content can be identified with lower time spent in each session, and lesser attendee participation in Q&A sessions, live polls and other activities like quizzes and competitions. Virtual success metrics like total chat volume and messages exchanged can also reflect the level of audience engagement and whether the content and conversations were appealing enough. KPIs for brand visibility Another major objective for the sponsors and companies at virtual conferences is brand visibility and awareness. Using social listening tools,...

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