ICCA launches new certification programme

Paul Colston | CMW

Coming off the back of a difficult year, the International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA) is delivering on its promise of a new focus on innovation and business opportunities for members and has launched a new certification programme, ICCASkills. ICCA says it has launched the certification programme to meet the challenges of the need for new business models, enhanced professionalism and standards in the industry. Courses will begin in the third quarter of 2021 and ICCA will grant recognition to an industry professional who has met certain predetermined qualifications specified by the association. Certification will: Identify qualified professionals Ensure recognition of expertise Enhance credibility and prestige to individuals in the industry Provide a vehicle for professional development The association says its ICCASkills curriculum will be developed and delivered by industry experts, including business leaders, academics and ICCA members, and delivered through on-site and online learning environments. ICCASkills will start with the Certified International Convention Specialist (CICS) certification, designed for member employees aiming for their first management position and Certified International Convention Executive (CICE), created for managers with at least three years’ experience. The association says the aim is to make CICS and CICE certification marks of...

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