New online event platform TeeVid launches

Stuart Wood | CMW

A new online event platform, TeeVid, has launched. The platform features a studio providing video production tools, multi-channel streaming across major platforms such as Facebook and YouTube, and chat rooms for delegates. TeeVid Events’ USP is its customisability, which its creators say allows users to “create, produce & broadcast immersive experiences.” Event planners can easily rebrand the interface and make use of storyboards. Founder & CEO of TeeVid, Adi Nathan, said: “The suite of production tools including an online production studio & attendee producer panel, enables creators to deliver an unparalleled experience for their virtual audience to capture their attention.‍ “To increase audience retention & interaction TeeVid’s producer panel seamlessly enables moderators to select attendees that use the hands up feature to participate with the host on the live stage. Moderators can then manage the stage by dragging & dropping participants into a variety of screen layouts. ‍“Live events can be broadcast across social platforms & branded webpages, generating maximum exposure.” The post New online event platform TeeVid launches appeared first on CMW ....

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