ICCA to host global hybrid event from Dubai in February

Paul Colston | CMW

The International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA) is to host its first global hybrid event of 2021 in Dubai, 17 February. Titled ‘ICCA – from Resilience to Revival’, the event will run 10am-4pm (GST) and is designed to share knowledge of new business models, new technology and new strategies. The association says that as the world begins to recover from the pandemic, “we must be vigilant while also incorporating what we’ve learnt from the experience into future plans”. Technologists, educators, goodwill ambassadors, economists, and industry professionals will join ICCA to share their knowledge on the following key topics: Enhanced engagement and value Digital restructure and hybrid events Shared risk management Innovative business models The biggest takeaways from the event will be knowledge on how to transform digitally, ICC says, and promises full details of the programme over the coming weeks. You can register for the event here The post ICCA to host global hybrid event from Dubai in February appeared first on CMW ....

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