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Paul Colston | CMW

The success of the recent ICCA hub in Cape Town illustrates the potential for meetings in Africa, says Gregg Talley. Gregg Talley, president and CEO of Talley Management Group, tells CMW the reasons for considering Africa as a business event destination will be as valid post-Covid as they were pre-Covid. Talley, who has many-year experience of organising events in Africa, points to “the incredible talent and energy on the continent, the rising middle class and educated youth, the growing tech and science sectors”, and adds that he sees the continent as “an incubator for innovation and an incredible cultural experience that connects us all to the cradle of humanity”. Talley adds that Africa’s leading destinations, venues and supply chains have responded in kind with international destinations around the world relative to the health and safety protocols. “The talent and experience exists to support the hybrid approach that will be demanded by event organisers and attendees as we exit the next phase of the pandemic,” he says. “This was amply demonstrated by the Cape Town International Convention Centre’s recent participation in ICCA’s global hybrid congress as a regional ‘hub’ with live attendees (following all health and safety protocols)...

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