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Look to nature for regenerative event management, says Carina Bauer, CEO of the IMEX Group, who highlights here some of the findings from the Regenerative Revolution report, co-created by IMEX. We partnered with Guy Bigwood, managing director, Global Destination Sustainability Movement, to create the Regenerative Revolution report in order to encourage a frank and fearless conversation about sustainability and the role of the global meetings and events community in bringing about change. We didn’t want the report to be a showcase of our existing sustainability credentials, but a broader guide for the entire industry to provide direction on what we can collectively achieve. The report, sponsored by Marriott International, details a set of guiding principles called ‘Hannuwa’, an ancient San word from South Africa that means the gathering of good fortune through living in harmony with our natural environment. Hannuwa comprises four key principles and an eight-step methodology which serves to educate and guide event organisers to move beyond sustainability to a more regenerative, circular event management. This methodology isn’t yet fully integrated into our business – but we have plans in place to ensure it will be. Having researched and learned about Hannuwa, these principles are...

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