Melbourne CEC chief operating office announces retirement

Paul Colston | CMW

Leighton Wood (pictured), chief operating officer, Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (MCEC) has announced his plans to retire following over 10 years of service. Chief executive Peter King said Wood’s experience and guidance had been instrumental to MCEC’s success over the past decade. “Under Leighton’s leadership, MCEC has achieved record revenue and customer satisfaction results, he is a leader that puts his people first and has great respect within our business and the broader events industry,” King said. “Leighton leaves a significant legacy in the area of sustainability; he has done an immense amount of work to ensure MCEC is a leader in this space, to which our business and our environment will always be grateful for.” Wood said he had been very fortunate to work at MCEC during a period of great change and success. “Our devotion to the customer experience is unrecognisable to when I arrived in 2010,” he said. “I’ve learnt so much about leadership from an always supportive CEO, I’ve enjoyed working alongside various and talented executive team peers and their high performing teams and I’ve been blessed to have worked with an operations team of the highest professional quality and culture. “The team now needs...

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