Host City partners with energy provider Aggreko

Stuart Wood | CMW

Aggreko, a company which provides mobile and modular energy, has been announced as the official sustainability partner of the Host City Americas Conference 2021. It is also the headline sponsor of the Host City 2021 Conference. Host City is a magazine publisher and conference organiser which operates globally. In addition to the partnership, David De Behr, head of sales for Aggreko Event Services, has been appointed as advisory board member for Host City. De Behr has worked within the events team at Aggreko for over 20 years, delivering innovative energy solutions for events including the Olympics and Glastonbury Festival. His role will focus on helping Host City to develop their sustainability efforts. De Behr commented: “As the energy transition gathers pace, the global events sector continues to take the changing landscape in its stride, with event organisers continually adapting the way they operate to reduce their carbon footprint. As a key player in events, we’re proud to be supporting Host City in its efforts to achieve its sustainability targets. “As an advisory board member, I look forward to working closely with the Host City team. This partnership brings our two organisations even closer together after many years of successful collaboration,...

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