European eventprofs move Forward Together inside Allseated exVo

Paul Colston | CMW

Cloud-based event planner Allseated provided serendipity encounters for 700 attendees at the FORWARD TOGETHER 2021 EUROPE virtual conference on 22 April. The platform, Allseated exVo, created mobility in digital twins of physical venues across European borders. The platform delivered emotional event experiences by adapting meeting methods from the live event world into the virtual world. Partners and associations from the European event industry were among the 700 ‘avatar’ delegates who took part in discussions with industry thought-leaders, and found chance encounters in realistic digital venue twins of Trafo Baden, Areal Böhler by Broich Catering and Kraftwerk Rottweil by trendfactory. Sabine Reise, managing director Düsseldorf-based Allseated Europe, and Sandy Hammer, co-founder and CMO Allseated, opened the event on the Main Stage at Areal Böhler and introduced the topic of hybrid events. Networking and serendipity encounters occurred in all areas of the partner venues and when the Open Space Sessions were opened, avatars streamed into the Unconference areas in Areal Böhler and Trafo Baden to join the discussion on topics of sustainability, emotions and connectivity at hybrid events. The Unconference sessions’ idea was to reduce the usual focus on formal presentations and instead promote and encourage informal get-togethers. The FORWARD TOGETHER 2021...

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