PCMA launches APAC-specific digital event course

Stuart Wood | CMW

The Professional Convention Management Association (PCMA) has adapted its Digital Event Strategist course specifically for the APAC region. The revised course will now cater specifically for APAC business events and marketing professionals planning a hybrid or digital meeting. Regional experts will be available to answer questions and share their local experience. The APAC experts provide “expert hours” which include opportunities for mentoring, discussion and conversation on the business events challenges facing the students. The five regional experts appointed by PCMA include: Adjunct associate professor Deanna Varga, managing director and founder of Mayvin Global; Darren Chuckry, founder and managing partner, HK Initiative; Justin Choy, managing director of Hong Kong at Creative Technology; Jayson Chau, senior manager of digital at Sinclair Comms; and Deborah Caldwell, Asia Pacific head of event marketing, Bank of America. PCMA managing director APAC Karen Bolinger commented: “The APAC Experts are a vital addition to the already popular course. In APAC we have unique challenges and are working through our post-COVID plans at different speeds to the rest of the world. “I’m thrilled we’ve been able to engage five regional experts, to help guide our industry forward, who are themselves at the top of their game. We know...

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