Nanjing CIMICEC conference hears MICE industry recovery rate in the region reached 67% in 2020

Paul Colston | CMW

The China International MICE Conference (CIMICEC) attracted 500 domestic and international industry leaders to the eastern city of Nanjing, 15 April. The conference was hosted at the Nanjing International Expo Convention Center and discussion centred on the theme of ‘MICE makes for better cities’, both in an economic and social sense. The conference opening ceremony was attended by Jin Weidong, president of Nanjing Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism; Wu Yang, deputy director of Jianye District of Nanjing; Xia Jun, vice-president of Nanjing Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism. Xia Jun said that in 2020, the overall recovery rate of MICE industry in Nanjing reached 67%, as society and the economy enjoyed a strong recovery, and the MICE environment improved. Wei Qiancheng, chairman of the Hong Kong Branch of the International Live Events Association and chairman of the China region, predicted that after the epidemic, more foreign enterprises and organisations would come to China, more domestic companies would go overseas and there would be an increase in international brand live activities held in China. The opening ceremony also heard video presentations from president of AIPC Aloysius Arlando and president of ICCA Asia Pacific region Ashwin Gunasekeran on, respectively, ‘Opportunities and...

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