Berlin’s Awakening Beauties, Series 3 Episode 1

Paul Colston | CMW

– Going sustainable with three Berliners, a wedding and a baby… With Analena Baerbrock from Germany’s Alliance 90/The Greens leading many of the polls for the country’s upcoming September elections, it is an excellent time for our host Mark Felstead to talk to two of the Berlin’s leading exponents in sustainability for events. Enter Alex Beck, sustainability manager from the AXICA venue in Berlin and Luisa Mentz, a senior project manager at the Berlin Convention Office in this lively discussion about current innovation trends in sustainability. Luisa says the aim is to transform Berlin into one of the most innovative and sustainable event destinations in the world. “It is a start up hub, a place where things are going on. There is room to position the city for sustainable events and keep the transformation going.” She shares her vision for the next 10 year that sustainable events become the new normal. And we hear about the BCO’s certification process and tools for helping partners implement more sustainable processes. “Many people don’t know where to start, and where to stop, so we developed with an external consultancy to create a catalogue of criteria to help our partner and to help them...

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