International Confex: building back better

Cameron Roberts | CMW

As the events industry looks to the return of the live in-person format, International Confex, is set to bring events professionals in the UK back together on 22-23 June at ExCeL London. In the lead up to the show Jessica Ansell, marketing director, Informa; and Heather Lishman, association director, ABPCO, tell me about the move back to an in-person event and what the key themes will be at this year’s show. A live event in a virtual world For what feels like forever the events industry has been carving out a presence online, with a swathe of digital events standing in for face-to-face experiences. I wanted to know just how important the live format is to event professionals. JA: “Virtual totally has its place and we have seen brand new communities born out of our digital products and events which is amazing. I am looking forward to learning more and growing them [virtual events], but live events are something special. “For some of the industries my events service you need to see, feel and touch the product, experience the innovation and can only achieve true inspiration there and then. Making business connections is in some part about trust and instinct...

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