Crowd Connected partners with Konduko for active and passive tracking solutions

Cameron Roberts | CMW

Event technology suppliers, Crowd Connected and Konduko have agreed a strategic partnership, designed to help exhibition organisers adopt attendee tracking and data capture solutions. Both Konduko and Crowd Connected deliver real-time and post-show insight from attendee tracking, but in different ways. Switzerland-based Konduko provides a contactless attendee engagement via QR- or NFC-engaged ‘smart badges’ and mobile phones, deploying it’s Smart Readers around an event. These enable a ‘digital handshake’ – the seamless exchange of information, for example, between an attendee and exhibitor – while simultaneously capturing intent-based activity. This is often called ‘active tracking’. The technology from UK-based Crowd Connected is embedded into mobile apps. This provides real-time intelligence that optimises and personalises the attendee experience (for example through indoor ‘blue dot’ navigation), while also delivering the data points and tools needed by event organisers for footfall analytics. Because Crowd Connected’s software gathers data in the background, it is frequently referred to as ‘passive tracking’. The partnership will see Crowd Connected and Konduko working together – where appropriate – to advise and provide a technology solution for new customers who want to bring back successful physical and hybrid events, and where insightful and meaningful data is needed to demonstrate ROI...

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