How to immerse in the experience to move past virtual fatigue

Paul Colston | CMW

By Shaun Whatling, vice-president, business growth, Pico+ discusses designing virtual events around human needs The ongoing shift to virtual in life, work and business has not been entirely free of hiccups. Many businesses who have moved from annual in-person events to more frequent online events are facing a challenge: virtual fatigue. The actual problem lies not in the medium, but in a failure to engage creatively within the medium. For example, features such as one-to-one chat and videoconferencing software integration and in-built matchmaking offer a tempting canvas for events, but the danger is that event planners may view technology as the solution rather than as a tool. Meanwhile, the highly competitive pricing of virtual platforms has meant that most clients end up budgeting against technology, not against audience needs. What is too frequently forgotten is that the real value comes in designing the experience into the technology. The most practical advice is also the most obvious: treat virtual as its own unique format, not as a replacement for live. As an exhibitor or event organiser, you probably wouldn’t think of designing a stand without some level of entertainment and, even better, a clear proposition connecting your design with...

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