Berlin’s Awakening Beauties, Series 3, Episode 7

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Merryn Scholz, K.I.T. Group: BERLIN LOVES YOU! In this episode our host Mark Felstead returns to the core values of BABs and talks to Merryn Scholz, general manager of K.I.T. Group in Berlin – one of Europe’s largest PCOs – about the role she recently played in organising the Freedom Dinner for 3,000 guests on the recently closed Berlin Tegel airfield, as well as talking a little about how congress business is now developing towards 2022 as confidence in events slowly starts to return. Listen in and learn how Merryn and her team, supported by Messe Berlin and their event suppliers, were asked to play a game of pure brinkmanship while organising the dinner. They were up against very tight deadlines, but could not be sure until the last minute how many guests they were actually allowed to invite (something which, most listeners know, is pretty crucial to being able to organise an event properly). Learn too as how Merryn and her team were faced with the five-week challenge of implementing an outdoor dinner concept on a recently closed airfield, devoid of any infrastructure and completely at the mercy of wind and weather. Add to that, the central theme...

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