ImageAV releases proprietary Presentation Management Portal

Oliver Thomas | CMW

Image from the post - ImageAV releases proprietary Presentation Management Portal

Colorado-based staging and events technology provider, Image Audiovisuals has released its newly developed Presentation Management Portal that automates the process of organising, gathering, and uploading presenter materials for meetings. The system, which is part of ImageAV’s proprietary virtual platform, eAttend Global, is designed to streamline the presenter process by giving each conference or event presenter access to a secure portal to upload and manage their session material. It’s built to handle live events, where presentation materials uploaded to the system are then sent to the session room, and hybrid and virtual events, where presenters can upload a pre-recorded presentation and any accompanying material. This development aims to give event organisers the ability to plan a fully live and fully virtual event at the same time without duplicating efforts. The eAttend platform’s database connects the agenda to the presenters and knows which presenters have uploaded presentations, videos and handouts, and which have not – generating a report on-demand for planners. Speakers can pre-record a video of their presentation and upload their slide deck using the portal. Dave Mueller, founder and president of ImageAV, says the Portal allows meeting planners to have confidence even if event circumstances change: “Clients don’t have to...

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