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"We have passion for serving the event industry, that's why we created Event Planner News."

Our aim is to help you to discover the latest content from the event industry. Not just blogs and websites but also new industry videos from YouTube, as well as press releases and more.

We built a place that brings it all together, using aggregation (the collection of related items of content) and curation (selecting, organising, and presenting content).

We share the most relevant and interesting posts on our social network channels, giving you more options to stay informed. We also have a daily newsletter with the latest posts, going straight to your inbox.

"Our only goal is to serve you with the latest content from professionals like you."

We would like to invite you to be part of our journey, helping us to serve event & meeting professionals. Please consider Event Planner News for the following...

  • Long & short term sponsorships
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  • Partnerships & collaborations

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