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3 Trends for the Future: Amplifying Diverse Creators, Ritualistic Apps, The Artisan Wave

21 March 2023 PCMA

Digital Editor Curt Wagner examines how three trends from Wunderman Thompson’s annual “The Future 100” forecast connect to the events and hospitality industries. ~ Read more ⊳

Improving Risk Management

21 March 2023 Special Events blog

Check out the post for more... ~ Read more ⊳

Maximizing Minority-Owned Brands

20 March 2023 PCMA

A new training and mentorship program in the F&B sector of consumer packed goods is helping entrepreneurs of color gain access to — and find success at — industry trade shows. ~ Read more ⊳

C’mon Get Scrappy: Adopting a ‘Good Enough’ Approach to Tackling Problems

20 March 2023 PCMA

The most valuable lessons about problem-solving come from small companies and nonprofits, a new book about workarounds claims. ~ Read more ⊳

Seafront entertainment venue on look-out for new operator

20 March 2023 NOEA | UK

A flagship venue in North Somerset is seeking new operators to continue the legacy of the site. ~ Read more ⊳

How Event Destinations Are Facing the Challenge of Rising Crime

20 March 2023 PCMA

With meeting professionals making safety and security a top priority for their events, destinations are finding innovative solutions to augment public safety programs. ~ Read more ⊳

10 Romantic Hospitality Packages to Celebrate National Proposal Day

20 March 2023 Special Events blog

Check out the post for more... ~ Read more ⊳

Seasonal Reality of a Wedding Planner

20 March 2023 wpic.ca

There are only so many Saturdays in the year, let alone just within the “high season” between May and October. ~ Read more ⊳

Bonus! TSE Featured Speakers: Gabriela Siebach & Kristin Banta

19 March 2023 Special Events blog

Check out the post for more... ~ Read more ⊳


18 March 2023 Eventprofslive

Come with Eventprofslive to Cambridge where our members discovered the University Arms. ~ Read more ⊳

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