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Egypt and Marriott power hotel development in Africa

22 March 2023 Hospitality Net Industry News

LAGOS, Nigeria - When it comes to hotel development across Africa, Egypt and Marriott are the two phenomena to watch. ~ Read more ⊳

Sabre announces agreement with Capillary Technologies to help airlines and hoteliers delight travelers through next-generation customer loyalty programs

22 March 2023 Hospitality Net Industry News

SOUTHLAKE, Texas, and SINGAPORE – Sabre Corporation (NASDAQ: SABR), a leading software and technology provider that powers the global travel industry, today announced an agreement with Capillary Technologies, a best-in-class loyalty management and c. ~ Read more ⊳

PKF hospitality group: Ghost Kitchens: Emerging Opportunities and Increasing Convergence with traditional hospitality

22 March 2023 Hospitality Net Industry News

Vienna – Ghost kitchens – also known as virtual, dark or cloud kitchens – have generated significant interest in recent years as a source of innovation and disruption in the food & beverage (F&B) sector. ~ Read more ⊳

A Hotelier’s Guide to Digital Marketing: Evolution, Innovation, and Disruption in 2023

22 March 2023 The Hotel Stories

The tech industry is experiencing rapid change due to technological advancements, changes in consumer behavior, and the impact of the pandemic. ~ Read more ⊳

Incentivizing Innovation in the Hotel and Lodging Industry: How the Standard Hotel Management Agreement Inhibits Tech Adoption

22 March 2023 Hospitality Net Industry News

In 2011, Marc Andreesen wrote that “software is eating the world. ~ Read more ⊳

Hotel Managers: New Career Opportunities in Hospitality Bridging Healthcare (H2H)

22 March 2023 Hospitality Net Industry News

As more health care facilities grow to become “medical campuses” and medical meccas for care, they emulate hotels in their quality and delivery of health and wellness (H2H) services. ~ Read more ⊳

WTTC data reveals Portugal’s Travel & Tourism sector’s climate footprint

22 March 2023 Hospitality Net Industry News

London, UK - New groundbreaking data from the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) and the Saudi-based Sustainable Tourism Global Center reveals the climate footprint of the Travel & Tourism sector in Portugal. ~ Read more ⊳

Automation and AI in Hospitality – where are we, and what’s next? A conversation between a hotelier and an entrepreneur

22 March 2023 Hospitality Net Industry News

Join Andrew Rubinacci, EVP Commercial & Revenue Strategy Aimbridge Hospitality, and Jason Bryant, VP Nor1 at Oracle Hospitality to hear a conversation about how hoteliers can use AI to drive revenue and streamline operations. ~ Read more ⊳

Hapi Connects SevenRooms and Salesforce to Drive Guest Insights and Personalization at Crystalbrook Collection

22 March 2023 Hospitality Net Industry News

MIAMI, March 15, 2023 – Crystalbrook Collection Hotels & Resorts, a group of eight luxury properties along the east coast of Australia, has turned to Hapi to connect several guest data sources and help develop 360-degree insights and personalized gu. ~ Read more ⊳

Sydney WorldPride 2023 pushed hotel performance to pre-pandemic levels

22 March 2023 Insights

Sydney WorldPride 2023 drove the market’s hotel average daily rate (ADR) and revenue per available room (RevPAR) above pre-pandemic levels, while occupancy remained slightly below 2019, according to preliminary data from STR. ~ Read more ⊳

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