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Catering to the greener stomachs of the events industry

18 May 2022 We are isla

As we drive to Net Zero, food-waste free, future for events we look at what caterers and hospitality businesses can do to design greener and cleaner (low carbon emissions) menus. ~ Read more ⊳

Speaker’s Corner: Featuring Ricardo Troiano, Global Head Change & Organisational Development CoE at Syngenta

18 May 2022 Mentorifi – the Learning Hub | Eventible

While the increasing number of platforms and technologies we have leveraged in the last two years have been impressive, the live events offer many aspects of human connections that struggle to be replicated digitally, he says. ~ Read more ⊳

Where is “Schitt’s Creek” Filmed?

18 May 2022 Peerspace

Can’t stop binging the last season of Schitt’s Creek? We can’t either! The feel-good comedy might’ve come to an end after 6 seasons on the air, but the misadventures of the Rose family will live on in our hearts forever. ~ Read more ⊳

11 Creative 6-Month Baby Photoshoot Ideas

17 May 2022 Peerspace

Looking for creative 6-month baby photoshoot ideas? After all, babies stay little forever! And six-month-old babies have the same “cuteness factor” as puppies and kittens, which is off-the-scale adorable! Of course, doting parents will want to do a photoshoot of The post 11 Creative 6-Month Baby Photoshoot Ideas appeared first on Peerspace . ~ Read more ⊳

Where Is “Heartland” Filmed?

17 May 2022 Peerspace

Love the show “Heartland”? We do, too! We bet you’ve also asked yourself: “where is ‘Heartland’ filmed, anyway?” We’re glad you’re asking since that’s exactly what Peerspace is here to answer for you today. ~ Read more ⊳

12 Awesome Adult Birthday Party Ideas

17 May 2022 Peerspace

Looking for unique adult birthday party ideas for yourself or a loved one? It can be tricky since so many birthday party ideas are geared towards kids! But luckily, we at Peerspace have you covered! Maybe you look forward to The post 12 Awesome Adult Birthday Party Ideas appeared first on Peerspace . ~ Read more ⊳

12 Creative Butterfly Theme Party Ideas

17 May 2022 Peerspace

Looking for butterfly theme party ideas? Then you’ve come to the right place since that’s what we at Peerspace have for you ahead! Butterflies are some of the most beautiful creatures in nature. ~ Read more ⊳

What’s Like An Airbnb For Pool Parties?

17 May 2022 Peerspace

Wondering what’s like an Airbnb for pool parties? At Peerspace, we understand your position! Maybe you’re organizing a corporate event, a birthday party, or even a film shoot and want a beautiful pool to serve as the backdrop. ~ Read more ⊳

The Best Way To Find an Airbnb For Birthday Parties in San Francisco

17 May 2022 Peerspace

In need of Airbnb for birthday parties in San Francisco? We get it! At Peerspace, we’re all about helping you find special spaces for all of your event, production, and corporate needs. ~ Read more ⊳

Top 5 Tech Startups in the Metaverse to Watch in 2022

17 May 2022 AllSeated

In 2022, tech startups in the metaverse keep increasing in number. ~ Read more ⊳

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