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How We Sniff Out A Bad Venue

17 May 2022 Hippo Event Management Agency

Venue sourcing and selection is one of the biggest decisions an event organiser can make with regard to the success of their event. ~ Read more ⊳

Sheer Edge Venue Spotlight – Drayton Manor

16 May 2022 Sheer Edge

When you’re searching for a venue for your next event, what factors do you take into consideration?  Location? Accommodation on site? A landmark? Something unusual?   Do you look for unique places to hold your business meetings, team building events or you next annual conference?   Sheer Edge really enjoys finding you the perfect venue and [ ~ Read more ⊳

Making the Most of In-Person Association Board Meetings

12 May 2022 Strauss event & association management

My last pre pandemic blog article discussed how The Best-Intentioned Association Boards can get Sidetracked. ~ Read more ⊳

How to design your exhibitor floor plan

11 May 2022 Event Management Solutions for Expo Events and Trade Shows | Expo Logic

Attempting to design an exhibit hall floor plan can be a complicated puzzle. ~ Read more ⊳

Top Corporate Incentive Destinations in the Caribbean

05 May 2022 The Castle Group

The Caribbean is a cultural melting pot that offers a wide range of options for corporate incentive events of every size, budget, and length of stay. ~ Read more ⊳

Optimizing Your Call to Action: What Is Your Association Asking For?

05 May 2022 Strauss event & association management

Members are an association’s life force. ~ Read more ⊳

10 Ways to Make Your Association Newsletter Stand Out

28 April 2022 Strauss event & association management

Earlier this year I attended a presentation that provided tips on elevating the quality of your newsletter. ~ Read more ⊳

Guide: How to Design the Perfect Event Registration Landing Page

28 April 2022 Attendease

Building an engaging, high-converting event website is about more than just adding an image and writing a few snappy paragraphs. ~ Read more ⊳

Tips and Tricks for Relationship Marketing with Freelance Writers

27 April 2022 The Castle Group

PR professionals tend to look to established staff reporters and high-profile outlets when pitching as a direct pathway to a story getting published. ~ Read more ⊳

15 Mistakes to Avoid When Hosting A Hybrid Event

27 April 2022 Hippo Event Management Agency

Coordinated as a combination of in-person meetings and virtual presentations, a successful hybrid event blends these elements seamlessly. ~ Read more ⊳

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