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The Importance of Creativity In Events

03 February 2023 Blog – Julia Charles Event Management

Creativity is an essential ingredient to any successful event. ~ Read more ⊳

2023 Event Predictions

02 February 2023 Do Good Events

It’s time to make some 2023 event predictions! If the last few years have taught us anything, it’s that the event world is never truly predictable. ~ Read more ⊳

why you need an event app

02 February 2023 Seven Events

in a fast-moving world, it is more important than ever to use the right technology for your events and an event app could be the perfect tool. ~ Read more ⊳

Did you catch my Session by MasterClass?

02 February 2023 Mindy Weiss

If you’re one of the lucky couples who said “yes” to a proposal this holiday season, then you’re probably wondering where to get started in this brand-new world of wedding planning. ~ Read more ⊳

5 Unique Ways to Use Pantone Viva Magenta in Your Wedding

31 January 2023 Mindy Weiss

Every year, color lovers like me wait to see what the Pantone Color Institute will announce as its next Color of the Year. ~ Read more ⊳

How To Brand Your Event

30 January 2023 Rescue Event Planning

Branding your event is important, just as important as who your keynote speaker is going to be. ~ Read more ⊳

“The Hunger Games” of the Event Industry in 2023 & Beyond: A New Era of Venue Sourcing

30 January 2023 Eventistry

In 2022, we all saw it coming—a massive shift in demand and difficulty with venue sourcing. ~ Read more ⊳

Facilitation listening as meditation

30 January 2023 Conferences That Work

Most weekdays, my wife and I join a fifteen-minute online meditation offered by teachers at the Insight Meditation Society. ~ Read more ⊳

Champagne: 8 effervescent labels to consider for your next party

30 January 2023 MGN Events

Discover the most lauded champagne brands available today. ~ Read more ⊳

Eco Resort Mas Salagros

29 January 2023 Evolve Events

Less than an hour away from Barcelona is eco-resort Mas Salagros, the ideal venue if you’re searching for a sustainable escape for your event. ~ Read more ⊳

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